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    water coming out from riva powercooler flushing adaptor

    during the las trip suck up some sand n the open loop was stuck n only abit of water coming out from the exit point so i clear out the sand by letting the water flow backward out to clear the sand inside..
    2day i test my ski the water come out as normal from the bilge...but the water was rushing from the powercooler flushing adaptor into my hull too..wat could have cause tis?is it the heat may have damage the flushing adaptor?

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    This is a long shot but when I thought about this situation it made me think. Maybe the O-ring that is on the male portion of the flush adapter got stuck on the female portion and is holding the powercooler side open. I would look straight down the female side and see whats causing water to come out. If you are missing the O-ring on the male side then boom that's probably it. Just a stab in the dark but worth checking.

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