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    Forgot to add antifreeze

    I did something stupid today or maybe not.

    I winterized the MSX 150 this afternoon, (stabil, fogging cylinders, and intake, oiled the wastegate arm / actualor as per the service manual).

    When I was finished I realized that I never ran antifreeze in it. Dohh! I've ran antifreeze through if every year so far.

    The service manual does not mention that this is required being that it is a closed loop system. There is antifreeze in the system but I've often wondered about the fresh water loop, that is why I've always added the antifreeze.

    Shuold I worry about this and re do everything (not that big of a deal), or just leave it as is?

    I live in Buffalo, and it does get below freezing in the winter.

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    My conscience got the best of me, I did the right thing instead of guessing.

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    Now just exactly how did you do that Joey. I was under the impression that all or all most all of the water drained out of external system, but I guess a little stays and it would probably be better if it had antifreeze in that system even if it did not get real cold.

    I kept my MSX in a heated boat house (just heated enough to stay above freezing) the last couple of years, so anti-freeze was not necessary, but this year I will keep it in an unheated garage so I am interested in how you pulled this off. I do have the flush kit installed, but wondering about the rig that gets the antifreeze in.


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    Very simple solution LennieT.

    Take a piece of garden hose (6" - 8") and attach a "Male" replacement end to it. Now you can screw this "Male" end into the flush kit hose, connect the quick connect to the flush kit on the machine, now you have an open line to the cooling system.

    Start the engine and (using a funnel at the) pour about a gallon of RV antifreeze into the system. Be forewarned that your Hot Temp. light will illuminate at the end of pouring your gallon into the system. When you are done addingh the antifreeze shut the machine off. You will not see too much antifreeze comming out of the ski (if you see any) but rest assured, there will be enough anti freeze in your fresh water loop and heat exchanger to prevent freezing.

    Lennie, The service manual does not say that this is a requirement, this you may already know. I just do if for a piece of mind, I know that there has got to be some water in the heat exchanger that could possibly freeze and break something.

    Let me know how you make out.


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    Thanks Joey, I will let you know how it goes, but I ain't ready to put her up yet. Need to keep all that cold weather up north for at least a few more weekends.


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    this system can work for the rxp also thanks.

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