This is my first time to post as I am a new member so I hope I'm doing this right. I've had my ski since new. I've kept it stock except for installing 08 spec sc kit. when I first got it the ski ran 7980 at WOT after breakin. After we installed the sc kit and put it back into the ski it ran 7900. A week ago I ordered the 4" fizzle,riva toploader grate,Riva wedge, riva freeflow exhust and did the waterbox mod. Plus the free mods to try to get it to 8100 where it should be. I installed everything, put it in the water and only ran 7840 at WOT. I brought it home,pulled the sc and checked the slip and was right at the high side, only 28 hrs since sc rebuild. I pulled the pump next to check the bearings and everything checked good, some minor scratching on the wear ring. I am at a loss as what to try next. I sure DON'T want to take it to a dealer, it seems when I do it even gets worse from my past experiences. I could sure use any ideas you all might have. My wifes RXT has had the same sc rebuild and maintenance as the RXP and it runs like a dream. RPM 7980. Every time I wrench on this thing I lose RPM's, I better quit before I have to push it around the lake.