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    Question r 12 question

    2004 r 12, bought used, no owner's manual. put in plastic key and press start and it starts. Is there a programmed security number you put in so no one eslse can start it? What is mechanism to do this? What happens if disconnect battery?

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    Yes there is a software lockout but I never use it. Maybe someone who does will describe the lock/unlock proceedure.

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    It is a 3 digit code, that is all that i recall.

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    You can download the owners manual and it has the info you need. I accidentally locked myself out on mine. Disconnecting the battery doesn't do any good. You can also download the service manual that will tell you how to reset it. I found all this out the hard way.

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    Try this link should get you the owners manual for free or just type in google search Honda R12 2004 owner manual free this link might help just copy paste in your browser .... good luck

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