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    2000 xpl low rpm runs stronger when I cut off the fuel !!

    Its a stock ski with low hours sometimes in cooler conditions it would run fine, but in the heat these july days it tops out at 6250 rpms, I started cutting the fuel valve off slowly while running wot and suddenly it will pick up to about 6600 and hold there just fine, pulled the plugs and there brownish and look fine afterwards. I think its still missing some rpms, anyone got any ideas? Im going to pull carbs later today, what do I need to know about and set the high speed adjusters to?any other ideas?

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    I would say your fuel valve is partially blocked, be careful you will lean seize your engine doing what your doing.

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    I washed the tank out recently and replaced fuel line as well, the filters in the carbs where clean at the time but i did not do anything with fuel valve since it was my thinking that if the carb filters where clean the valve was ok to. It would be my impression that if the valve where bloked that cutting fuel off would have no effect but to lean out more and kill the ski not cause rpm and power at WOT to increase.??? it just doesnt make since to me that the problem would be a low fuel supply when reduceing the suppy by the valve seems to help. btw i checked the compression and im getting 125 on the mag and 131 on the pto

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    check your tank vents, for blockages and if the check valves are in the correct directions and function

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    ok i pulled the carbs and the high speed adjusters are both closed, should i rebuild the carbs? they look good but what am i missing?

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    upon opening the carbs up I have found that both filters where full of junk, like a rust orange which is the same stuff i washed out of the tank a few months back, Im thinking i will rebuild the carbs, where can i get a good rebuild kit and maybe a jet kit to change some jetting and replace the air box with some proks?? any suggestions??

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    I'd be keeping that rabbits foot on your lanyard you lucky bastard

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    God watches over babies & idiots

    Get a manual numbnuts before you blow up your toy


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    Ok, now that were done tossing rotten eggs at you..

    do this:

    make a peeps vodoo doll of the person that told you to shut the fuel valve off when your engine is running. These deserves the stink of a gallon of old seadooo jetpump oil in their armpits

    learn the wonders of the GH search engine

    it's not likely anybody here is going to reopen a carb rebuild discussion
    if my feeble memory serves, an xpl is a 951 engine, be sure to read as much discussion on 951 engines as possible. Mistakes get expensive in the turn of a crankshaft

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