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    Sonic booms, ride plate, efi controller, intake grate, impeller, ect

    Putting the 05 back to stock. All parts have very low hours and always stored indoors. Pics will come as the parts are removed from the boat.

    Sonic booms- $(Sold pending funds.)

    Riva ride plate- I bought to modify but never did it. (SOLD)

    R&D ride plate Modified like the fercho package plates. Trued and works great but not as pretty as the new ones. discoloration is from trueing (SOLD)
    Riva EFI controller works perfect. (SOLD)

    R&D 800/1200 intake grate. (1200 grate SOLD) (800 grate SOLD)


    Paypal only- PM me

    More to come when I remove and inspect.
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    I will take the R&D modified plate. PM sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by peteshauling View Post
    I will get pics up today.

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    Will add Dynafly prop description and pic when I find my Solas tool to remove it.

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    Dibs on the 800 grate.....

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    That doesn't look like an 800 grate.

    Quote Originally Posted by peteshauling View Post
    Dibs on the 800 grate.....

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    I have an 800 and a 1200 that I will be selling. I will put them next to each other to make sure they are the right ones. The 1200 has the steeper angle. I will get a pic of both together.

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    pics updated with grates.

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