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    Rebuilding a set of Ultra 150 Stock CV Carbs

    Hello everyone...So I picked up a set of stock CV carbs with around 137 hours on them. I'd like to rebuild them since I know nothing about how they were run, if they're clogged etc, etc. What I'd like to know is , is there a big difference (besides the cost), to re-build with an OEM kit or an aftermarket kit.
    I've never had a set of carbs re-built ,nor have I ever re-built these before, and since the cost of an OEM kit is around $90.00 each and an aftermarket kit
    is around $30.00 each you can see what I'm wondering, and I'm not sure what is, or is not included and what do I really need. I know some kits just aren't the same and are junk. The aftermarket kit is a Winderosa.
    So any help and or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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    Can't help you with the quality of the cv aftermarket kits but on just about every other carb I've rebuilt the OEM kit has been far superior to the aftermarket kits and well worth the additional money.
    Either way it would be nice if you wouldn't mind if you could take a bunch of pics and maybe put together a write up on disassembly and assembly of those carbs I'm sure others would appreciate it.

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