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    2004 MSX150 Headgasket?

    I am considering purchasing a ski that supposedly has a blown headgasket. Are these hard to do? I am a diesel/auto mechanic, but have never worked on a jet ski, although I have the mechanical aptitude. Are there any repair manuals? Aside from a cracked block/head/headgasket where else can water mix with the oil? Do these ski's have oil-coolers?

    Any help would be appreciated, as I haven't even went to look at it. Also ski has 100 hours and he is asking 2000$, what would this be worth?I will probably buy it to resell and make a buck if possible. I am really looking for a Kawasaki Ultra 150.

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    I cannot directly answer your question, but in general the Weber turbo engines are time consuming to work on.

    $2000 sounds high for an MSX that needs engine work.

    You can find more info in the links below

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