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    ignition system for polaris 700 year 1998 SLTH

    I have polaris 700 year 1998 model slth. The cdi box p/n4060148 is faulty and not sure if any other ignition system are also faulty.ign coil p/n 4060121. When crancking engine no spark and on orange wire of regulator having 9.4 volts during crancking.CDI red/purple wire having 12 volts on it so have no voltage drop on it. I m not sure if regulator box is faulty as well. Please could someone recomand me from where i could best purchase the update ignition system?

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    try or babbittsoline for your best prices

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    Click the links below to find a list of parts sources.

    9.8 volts on Orange wire while cranking is low. The LR voltage regulator module may have failed, or it may just need a stronger battery.

    12.0 volts while cranking is possible, but most batteries deliver less than 12.0 volts when actually cranking the engine. Recheck the voltage on the Red/Purple wire into the CDI while cranking the engine.

    Voltage into the CDI must be over 10.6 volts while cranking, or you will not have spark.

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