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    If I wana use the R3 with the E1 shall I use the rrfpr or powershot ?? or it is going good two gather ??

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    R3 without rrfps or powershot would be great,

    but i think you still need rrfpr .
    PowerShot is good for you can create own FUEL curve,
    that cool for save FUEL while crusing.

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    With the R3 reflash and E1 supercharger upgrade you will want to use the Powershot and a RRFPR.
    Also, get an air fuel gauge to monitor your AFR and adjust as necessary.

    Quote Originally Posted by from R&D
    R3 Programs offered are recreational performance tuned to safe AFR values, and can be further custom tuned (richer or leaner) with the addition of the R&D Powershot to accommodate various performance packages.

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