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Thread: seadoo rxp 2006

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    Unhappy seadoo rxp 2006

    we are new to the forum but can anyone help. we have just purchased a 215 rxp 2006 62hrs and used it for the first time today. MAXIMUM REVS was around 5200 and speed was a diappointing 32 mph. The craft starts ok ,seems to idle ok , steering a bit stiff

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    Were you using the learning key?

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    we were only given one key how can you tell if it is a learner key

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    we only have the one yellow key
    Do you think we have a problem with the engine or what
    Will be very grateful for any support

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    is the ski all stock?

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    Sounds like it ingested the Supercharger Clutch washers to me. Take off the hose attached to your supercharger intake and try to spin the impeller. If it spins, your washers are gone and you will soon get to know your engine really well. If not the maybe they gave you the learner's key..but that's usually a white key.

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    yellow key should be the regular one, unless its been re programmed.

    Check the SC hoses and make sure they are on, and tight.

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    Not sure if the '06 is the same of my '05 but when I put the learners key in, on the display it immediately flashes "L-KEY" to let you know. I would assume yours will be the same so that is how you can check to make sure you are using the right key.

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    we have taken off the hose attached to the supercharger and yes the impeller we can turn easily.Is it much of a job to replace the washers . We did read that the 2006 model had uprated washers.

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    all standard

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