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    Mystery Hose? Help. Where does it go? 97 Sea Doo GTS

    I have a 97 Sea Doo GTS I purchased that has a hose which is broken at one end. In the picture it is at the back going into a plastic box below the seat. Where does the other end go? It was just laying at the bottom of the engine compartment. Looks like either an air hose or a water hose? Have a picture here- It is a small hose with an elbow that goes into the black box, but the other end is the mystery.
    Thanks for any help or ideas.

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    Battery vent hose. The rot out under the motor,I just remove hose & run a short piece from the side of the battery to the bilge.

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    Mystery Solved

    Quote Originally Posted by water worx View Post
    Battery vent hose. The rot out under the motor,I just remove hose & run a short piece from the side of the battery to the bilge.
    Thanks- mystery solved thanks to you.

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    Why does the battery have a vent hose? My Sea Doo battery compartment was half there when I bought it and I just use rubber bungees to hold it down. Can i just pull out the hose since I really do not use it, and I am not sure why you would need a battery vent hose in the first place. Maybe I am missing something since when I bought the Sea Doo it did not have the full compartment. If anyone knows give me a heads up.
    Mark Brondos

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    The hose is there in case the battery boiils over. Honestly I was not a big fan of the vent either. I ran for several seasons without one with no issues. The next time you buy a battery, get a goot AGM battery, and you won't have a vent line to worry about, plus the battery will last you a lot longer!

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    Thanks, I think that you are right.

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