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    15f advent chip upgrade

    Are these chips worth the money, and where is a good place to buy one. I have already looked on ebay and found nothing. Thank!

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    Ok, are there any good computer chip worth getting?

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    are you talking about advancing the timing?

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    Well I'm not for sure, I think it changes the fuel and air mixture and yes maybe even the timing. The guy I bought by STX-r 1200 had some kind of chip that he said gave it like 25 more HP and a higher top speed. He sold it before he sold me the ski so I don't know for sure if he is right. So I figure if there is something like that for a 2 stroke then there should be one for a 4 stroke.

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    Advent made an adjustable ignition (CDI) for the two stroke 1200 motor. as far as i know they never made anything for the four stroke. reflashes of the stock ecu are starting to come out but i dont think anyone has done anything with the kawi ecu. i know there has been promising results from the yamaha and seadoo side of things.

    the cdi along with triple pipes and other mods would give you more HP and yes sometimes top speed but more often than not it helped acceleration.

    what is the goal your getting to with the 15F? pm smokeyseven i know he has done a considerable amount of research on this platform.

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    Thanks man for the info. I have both, the 08 15f and 05 STX-r 1200 and was just wanting a little jump in HP for both of them. I have been told that Advent built a chip that gave the 1200 a noticeable hp gain and jumped the top speed up around 7 MPH,the chip new was like around $500.00. So I figuered I could find a used one for it, and if they made one for the 15f then try and get one for it too.

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    Your definately not going to get 7mph for $500. Advent does make adjustable ignition for the 1200, it might gain you a little on its own. But to really make it go you would need go with tripples. That might get you close but then you also need carbs to support them. A conservitive estimate would be about 2K to get that 7mph.

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    as far as the 15f goes

    as far as the 15f goes, there will be a reflash soon, and I will be buying the software and equipment to reflash when it is available. For now you have a few options.

    yellow racing which is basically a dumbed down french motec, i am personally running one of these in my 15f project ski, that should be on the water soon. It is fully programable and supports o2 monitoring as well as additional sensors, that the user can calibrate. It also supports data logging.

    MoTeC does everything from 3k upwards fully programable.

    Stock with powershot fuel programer, allows increase of fuel only.

    Powercomander or boondocker require custom fitting and tuning, use the stock ecu and alter signals to add or remove fuel and timing.

    Stock ecu with advanced timing, this is done mechanically by clocking the timing rotor.

    Stock ecu with increased fuel pressure, this is done by removing the in tank fuel pressure regulator and adding an external regulator, adding 1 to 2 psi of fuel pressure on a modified ski makes the motor run much better. No benefit on a stock ski

    the only other option is to relocate the intake air sensor from the intake manifold to somewhere less hot, this makes a very negligable difference if any, you also need to plug the hole left from removing the sensor.

    Thats it to my knowlege on ecu options.


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