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    carb rejet

    Hey i have a 96xp stock other than no grate.. i plan on having a rossier setup soon but am going to get flame arrestors first. I understand i have to rejet for the flame arrestors, but will i also have to when i get the pipe? Is it a waste to buy R&D flame arrestors separately from the pipe? as in would i have to rejet twice?

    I am new to the whole manual tuning thing (carburetor), been building and tuning subarus for years now.

    Also if someone could point me in the right direction of how to physically rejet a carb that would be great. Been doing TONS of searching/studying the past few weeks, huge thanks you everyone on this forum ive learned alot thus far, just trying to get everything in.

    Im doing the fuel lines sometime this week, and will clean the carbs while there off. hopefully ill get a better understanding of them then.

    thanks anyone in advance for the help

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    anyone? I have searched and searched and just cant find it.

    mainly concerned on exactly what to do with r&d flame arrestors

    EDIT- i think i know where the low and high jets are inside the carb. but where exactly is the pilot? and the n&s?

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    Oh the great joys of Carbs. To some its childs play, to others its a nightmare. Ive been reading a lot too, and on here you will find some links that will explain prettymuch everything. See if you can find yourself the mikuni handbook, it will have good info in there too..

    With your 96XP, Im going to bet it has the 787. Now click my link to my thread here...

    You will see what others have told me to run with that engine, and about the same mods.

    Hope that helps a little.. ALso, the low IS the pilot, high is your main, the neddle and seat are visable once you remove the bottom plate from the carb and take off the rubber diaphram thing. Youll see it.

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    Keep in mind that there is a low speed screw and a high speed screw and that these are not the jets, they work together with the jets. The jets will be inside the carb in the same area as the needle and seat.

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    wow that explains alot of confusion. thanks alot

    -i just bought r&d flame arrestors and redid my fuel lines today. i cleaned the tiny inner filters of the carbs also, they werent too bad.

    so there are only 2 jets total? the low/pilot and high/main?
    are the jets on the fuel pump side of the carb or the regulator? im guessing they are under that little cover with the 2 phillips head screws?

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    If that cover you are talking about is #39 in the above pic, then yes.

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    yup exactly. thanks alot.

    the main jet is almost twice the size of the pilot jet right? like you can tell an easy visual difference between the 2 with that cover off?

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    okay so now that I understand where the jets are, back to my first question.. what jets should I o with with r and d flame arrestors? am I goin to have to rejet when I get the rossier?

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    and one more question too.. where can i get the jets i need?

    - i found a thread with someone asking about jetting with r&d arrestors, so i know which ones to get, just where can i get them?

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