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    Choked, bogged and sluggish.

    This may be over obvious to some of you but this is my first GPR. Let me give some real quick background:

    2001 GP1200R 89hours.

    1. Test rode the ski, it was bogged and barely had the power to pick the nose up out of the water. Bought it for a rather cheap price.
    2. Removed stinger, cat was loose in housing but in tact. Replaced with dplate & cat chip. I also noticed there is no air filter in the box. Just a flame arrestor?
    3. Had nasty old BR8ES plugs that looked like hell, replaced with BR8ES-11 plugs.
    4. When I removed the stinger, it was full of gas and oil. Poured out of the water box into the hull. Nasty. Rised it out.
    5. Once everything was back together, I started it up today. Gas and oil pushed out of the exhaust, maybe a gallon of black liquid and it started running nicely and reving crisp.

    6. Take it out on the water. Starts right up, idle through "no wake zone" (100yards) and I gas it, it starts moving. As I go I open it more and more, ran great! Ski accelerated just fine! I was very pleased. As I let off, it lost power and started running bogged like it did when I test rode it. Brought it back to shore and seemed like it was smoking an awful lot. Full throttle was just enough to get the nose out of the water and push me through the 1-2ft waves. Maybe going 3-5mph tops.

    7. Pulled plugs on shore and did a comp test. Cyl 1 (front?) Plug looked like it barely fired. No sign of oil burning, just wet from gas with a bit of oil. Not warm. Cyl 2, slightly black and smelled like it was running good. Warm. Cyl 3 (back) same as 2.

    Compression test: Front 95, Middle 100, back 100. I realize this is pretty low but the fact that the ski pulled great when I first got out makes me think that while the motor is getting tired, it's not the cause of the problem.

    First things on my agenda are the fuel flapper & "clunk mod", pull the carbs and have OSide hopefully build them or a buddy that works for the local Yamaha and install my oil block off kit.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Well, I took the stinger back off as well as the exhaust. Pulled the carb rack off and I'm dropping it off to a friend that works as a tech up at the local Yamaha dealer. He said he'll take care of them for me while I'm out of town this week! Should have them back Saturday morning! Not bad.

    I feel like a few more bolts and I could just yank the whole motor out. I'm trying to keep this cheap though.

    Plus I pulled off one of the exhaust valve covers just to take a peak. Nasty. Nasty. So I burned the gunk I found. I think I'm going to pick up some wave eaters. Any thoughts on them? A local guy told me they're a must.
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