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    Towing with the Speedster

    I've had to tow the last 2 times out. The first time was a 22' pontoon with 10 people. If they weren't family I might have declined towing this beast. I connected a tow rope to the right side hook on the rear of the speedster and had a nasty time towing. Didn't want to go more than 2-3mph tops, but needed throttle to steer... which was incredibly difficult since I was towing a very heavy boat from a single corner of the Speedster. 4400rpm and 2mph for about 2 miles... occasional bouts of 6000-7000rpms and 3-4mph to correct steering. Miserable time and felt like I was going to rip the hook right out of the fiberglass.

    Just yesterday I towed a jetski that had flipped and taken on a lot of water. Considerably easier to tow at 3-4mph at 2500rpms. Still, being connected at just one corner made steering difficult. With the jetski I considered connected the tow rope to the wake tower both to get the rope out of the water and to have a central tow point, but I was concerned that it might be too much of a load for the wake tower.

    So... I'm thinking for future towing I need to put together a special tow rope.. consisting of 2 pieces of rope about 4-6' long. Each one would be connected to a corner of the Speedster and joined together centrally where a ring would connect those 2 ropes and the tow rope. Then at least I'd be splitting the load on both sides... which would alleviate my concern about excessive load on a single hook and make steering a helluva lot easier.

    Thoughts on all this? What do you guys do when you need to tow?

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    I've got a recent towing story. Was over on the Santa Fe river couple weeks ago and was loaded with 4 adults 2 good size coolers and a bunch other crap. two of my sister n laws were on there Yamaha jet ski which broke down. so we put a rope on the jet ski attached it to the tower they got in the Sportster and off we went. Now 6 adults pulling a jet ski 30mph with power to spare....pulled about 10 miles back to the property. I was so impressed with my little Sportster.

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    I had to tow a ski yesterday as well after they sucked up their rope pulling a tube. Made both riders get in the boat before I would tow them. You never know if the ski may flip while in tow, plus it's easier for the boat to steer. Sea doo boat pulling a ski pulling a tube. I pulled it from the ski poll. Didn't think it would be a problem beacause an empty ski has less restance than a person in a tube.

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    Try pushing instead. I've had good luck using my boat to push a dock on the lake by tying the bow down tight at the ring and triangulating lines to the stern. Pulling I just went in circles, but pushing gave me good control.


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