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    Question Another Cavitation or Supercharger clutch thread

    Hey guys,

    Just had my 04 RXP rebuilt at 100 hrs (dropped a valve).
    Took it out for the first time the other day for about 3 hours, and 3 times during the day i had some cavitation or S/C slippage

    If i stopped and tried to take off slowly, it would only have approx 50% power, vibrate, and not sound right (deeper note i spose) up until about 6,000RPM's and it would bite in and take off like normal. This only lasted for maybe 5-10 seconds all 3 times and would still do it even if i turned the ski off and started it again.

    This never happened before the rebuild and even if i tried, i cant make it slip/cavitate it seems completely random.

    age old question, simple cavitation, or supercharger slip?


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    Cavitation, SC slip will make the motor "flat", no vibration etc.

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    I'd say the carbon seal isn't sealing properly. Check to make sure the carbon seal is centered on the floating ring and nothing is pressing on the bellows...

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