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    2006 Sea Doo RXP 215 Question

    Took my jetski out yesterday. For some reason didnt want to go full speed. When you hold the thottle down it acts like its starving for power. Then as you still hold the trottle down the ski will get up to about 40 mph and no more. When you do this the ski will then act like it wants to go then it just kinda backs off. Any ideas? I thought something might be stuck but I dont think thats the case..... Thanks for the help.

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    check the supercharger SOON!

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    Have you replaced the ceramic washers in the SC with metal ones? First I would check to make sure you dont have loose hose from the outlet on the charger to the throttle body. If its on and tight I would then check remove the intake tube from the charger and see if you can spin the impellar wheel, it should not spin freely....... if it does you have lost your ceramic washer (providing you still have them in place vs. metal ones). If this is the case do not start or run the engine at all, the pieces can get sucked up in the oil pump and starve the engine for oil resulting in a catastrophic failure.

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    How long has it been sitting? Did you have ethanol gas in it? Mine did something like that over the weekend and after riding it for about 20 minutes it seemed to be back to normal. Mine had been sitting for about a eight months though so I think the gas was old and pluged it up.

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    Well it did prob have Ethole gas in it. It prob set for no more than a month or so with not much gas in it. I road it for awhile prob 15 mins or so and it still wouldnt change. I called the delarship and they think it might be the wear ring. Some ppl think its the supercharge so I checked the fan on the supercharger to see if it would turn which it didnt. Delearship said try that and a few others. Which is a good thing b/c if it turns then its not good at all. There was a lil oil in there so they think it prob best to rebuild it. B/c there might be a oil ring in there leaking some. See What happened was when you hold down the trottle the engine seemed to bog down then as u got out of the hole it would get up to around 40 mps and no faster. I cant remember what the rpms were. Thats why they think it wasnt a failure of the supercharger. I will know hopefully something this weekend when i take it in. I sure hope its not a very bad problem. Thanks for your help sir......

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