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    What propeller Should I Get?

    Hey Guys,
    Picked up a decent 97 sl900 for cheap, and dropped a 1200 engine(carbed) in it.
    Thing runs great! Now my only gripe is that its only as fast as the stock 1050 i have.
    The propeller is 6.0 nu jet and I was wondering what prop i can use to get more speed.
    the engine is reving out at around 6700-6800 and it feels like it wants more, but i dont know anything about the pitch or sizes when it comes to propellers.
    Can someone give me info on what would be the best fit.

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    try a 7.0

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    A 7.0 NuJet or locate a prop from a 1200 Carbed Virage,Pro or even from a MSX 140. Do a search, there's alot of info on repitching a prop yourself. There are a few guys on the forum that do it for hire. If you get close,then you could also get with Impros and they could repitch one on info you provide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scorp View Post
    ...97 sl900 ... dropped a 1200 engine (carbed) in it.

    ...its only as fast as the stock 1050 i have.

    ...engine is revving out at around 6700-6800...
    Are you sure that 1200 is producing full power?

    6700RPM at WOT is normal for that engine, which suggests the impeller is a reasonable match for the available power. A steeper impeller is likely to load the engine more and reduce peak RPM, which will reduce peak HP, and may produce less speed.

    You could try an MSX 150 impeller, which will let the engine rev a little higher than the MSX 140 impeller. Might get a bit more speed overall.

    The 1050 is a strong motor that likes to rev. The 1200 isn't all that much stronger in stock form.

    That means all the little things are going to be important. Hull trim, ride plate, intake grate, jet pump and impeller condition, alignment of the pieces that touch the water, etc. An AAT and adjustable exit nozzle might provide another small gain.

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