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    New Battery – No power

    I bought a new battery a few months back, and it’s been sitting on the shelf till I have time to install it. I just installed it and put it on a trickle charger. I Left it on the charger over night. Next day I tried to check error codes and got P1517 also, it’s been flashing “key”. I tried to start it and it just clicks. If I take it off the charger, it don’t have any juice at all, I can’t even get the display to light up. I'm going to try and volt test it when I get home tonight.
    Do I have to put water or something in this battery? The battery is a direct factory replacement battery for the 2005 RXP.
    I appreciate any input, thanks again guys!

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    Most non sealed batteries are shipped without the acid due to the acid being hazardous material and you have to purchase that at an auto parts store or some place that only deals with batteries. Sounds like that is what your dealing with.

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    I was surprised when you said I had to add acid, I have never had to deal with that before, but you were right!!! I took it to AutoZone first, and asked them and they told me they could not fill it. I was able to get it filled at Interstate Batteries, and they were kind enough to not charge me anything. Just for reference the battery was a YUASA YB30CL-B.
    I got the battery back in the ski, and let it trickle charge over night. I looked at it in the morning and the “KEY” warning went away, I guess it was a low or no power issue.
    Now the only thing on the display now is the “SENSOR” but its code P-1517. Is the only way to get rid of this is taking it to the dealer and having the buds reset right?
    BTW the ski started up, so I’ll have to take it for a spin this weekend.

    Thanks hdzcar for the help!!!

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    po-1517 is compass out of range this is not a bad code just ride it and get it reset next trip to dealer may have been because of low batt. volt that it though the code

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    Cool!! Acid is good

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