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    99 1200 XL Cavtation issue

    My 1200 has a cavitation from a dead start. Seems like it is slipping then goes then slips again. It runs fine once I get up on plane. there is nothing in the cavity above the grate

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    Is it stock? if so, get rid of the stock intake grate immediately...Those things are nothing more than guards against stuff getting into the pump, which really isn't an issue unless you ride in waters with tons of tree branches....The stock intake grates on most models that age cause more cavitation problems than anything. My father-in-law has a stock 1998 XL 1200 and it does exactly what yours does; cavitates from a dead stop then on plane it's fine.

    If an aftermarket intake grate is too much $$ right now, I am pretty sure that you can pull off the stock grate, and remove the two center bars of the grate with a good jigsaw....then, file down the edges to be flush...use a bench grinder or a Dremel to get close to flush, then just file the edges with a hand file. You need to get those removed bars flush or the remaining edges will still catch a few weeds, and cause air bubbles...that's the cheap and dirty fix for cavitation on those models. My GP 1200R cavitated like it had no impeller until I replaced the stock intake grate with an R&D Aquavein grate (sadly you can't cut the middle bars out of the stock grate on the GPR models)...

    Also, check out the impeller for wear/tear...If it's dinged up that will also increase cavitation, consider a good aftermarket impeller from Solas...Also, seal up the area around the ride plate/intake grate where it meets the hull with marine grade caulk...that will eliminate air bubbles from getting into the pump and causing problems..

    Hope that helps!

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    Check the seals around your jetpump odds are one blew out, the most common seal is the one between the intake duct and the pump transom plate. It is a easy fix and very inexpensive.

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    Can you please explain where to look and their location. I know where the intake grate is. Can I see these seals from the rear of the Pump or do I need to get look under the pump near thr transom?

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    Here are the typical seals you need to check....the long flat one is usually the culprit
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