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    1998 Bombardier Seadoo SPX fuel gage can I install multigage?

    I'm working on a 1998 Bombardier Seadoo SPX 787 Rotax.

    Fuel sender pick up unit... I've cleaned the "board" and reglued the magnets and now I've got voltage. Unfortunately the fuel gage isn't working so I'm going to have to get a new one.

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows or has any experience with installing a Seadoo multigage in place of a standard fuel/oil gage.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


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    you have the 787 in there and most likely the electronics to...I think that all you need is the wire loom and the gauge.

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    The SPX 787 is great, I'd just like the multigage (if it's not too tough to install) so that I can have a bit more info from the saddle.

    I'm not real sure what you mean my wire loom...

    The multigage has two connections going in to it, one of them looks just like the connection my SPX has for it's fuel oil gage and I'm guessing that the second connection is where your saying I'll need the wire loom?

    If your Seadoo has a multigage can you tell me where to second (smaller) connection is going. Maybe just the color of the wires going in to it but even better would be what components it's connected too.

    The information I've already found here is very impressive. I've got some great mod ideas and instruction on another great forum I belong to for my 2002 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior, it's called and I hope I'll be able to contribute something here too.

    Thanks in advance for your replys.

    Johnny Glass

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