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    Question 95 spx ?

    Hey i new here and new to the pwc world. i love it... i just purchased my first pwc a 95 spx i know its not the best but i love it and it seems to be fairly quick.. but its my first so what do i know lol... i do have a quick question though if someone could lend a newbie a hand.

    when i try to start the spx it takes a min and i have to hold the gas full throttle to get gas in the lines i guess? even if i have been riding.... my question is is this or should this craft just fire right up?

    oh yea. is there a impeller that will increase both top and bottom end on this craft? if not which one will increase bottom without killing to much top?

    thanks for the help in advance?

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    you are going to want to read the DIY fuel system cleaning thread at the top of the two stroke page and that will solve a lot of your problems. as for the prop go to the skat-trac web site and see what prop will work for your ski.

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    ususally they take a min to fire up when you do a cold start, the system has to get primed with fuel 1st..clean your fuel system. Clean the carbs , GET RID OF THOSE GRAY FUEL LINES, clean the fuel selector, and make sure to clean the little filters in the carbs too......that should help but you can always go with a primer kit to have less strain on your battery and starter on those cold starts.

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