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    1999 Genesis need help, caution long post

    I tried to update my original thread but for whatever reason I could not. Here it is
    I found the reason for the cylinder running lean. The screw that holds the regulator plate to the front carb came loose and was laying against the diaphram. I assume this would not let the needle valve open and let fuel into the cylinder. Now onto my next problem. I cleaned up the jug and ordered the new parts. I put it back together and during breakin I ran into a problem. After about 30 mins of riding, alternating throttle positions the ski just shut off. It would not start and acted as if it was locked up. When I got it back on the trailer I pulled the plugs but it still was locked up. I pulled all 3 heads and the cylinders and pistons looked great. The piston washed looked great as well. I put it back together and did a compression check. 125psi across all 3. The ski then started. I thought maybe it overheated so I ohmed the temp sensor and tested the MFI and they both worked. I removed the thermostat and pop off spring. I rode it again and it ran great for about 30 min and then did the same thing. I pulled the flywheel cover off maybe thinking the block off plate bolts were too long. They were not. After I put it back together I rode it again. This time it ran great for over an hour. 6710-6750 rpms and 56MPH on the dream-o-meter. I only stopped riding because it was getting dark and I was almost out of fuel. Has anyone ever ran into this? What could have caused it, and will it happen again? Could it be something in the pump? Oh, I did a compression test after the ski cooled down and I lost 2 psi on the front cylinder now they are 123/125/125. Thanks

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    If you haven't yet pulled the jet pump and checked impeller bearing condition, now would be the time to do so.

    Links below have info on jet pump removal.

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    Yup... what he said.

    I've seen a partial pump seizure on SeaDoo's a few times. They get hot... the bearings lock up... but when they cool down... they spin again.

    Pop the pump off, and remove the tail cone, and look for water intrusion, and general smoothness of the bearings.

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