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    ? after new motor

    well got everything all back installed after having to purchase a whole nother 787 motor.

    took about 10 secs of turning over to fire up for its 1st time.

    Runs and sounds smooth, but after about 4-6 secs of running(water hooked up) the skis revs start to rise slowly. The RPMs were still rising at what sounded like 3k, so i shut it down.

    Ski has oil pump still hooked up and working. I premixed 1st tank as well. I just installed all new fuel lines, fuel filter, cleaned carbs twice, etc.....

    i was thinking maybe an intake/exhaust leak? sound right??

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    Does it keep going up in RPM's? Check you adj screws on the carb. Mine did that and found out that my front adj screw was slowly backing out. I know i had it 1 1/4 turns but when I would have it running notice once I came down from RPM the idile was higher. recheck and my screw was around 1 1/2 to 3/4. repleaced the spring on the screw been fine since.

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    i had this set of carbs on another ski and it wasnt doing this....

    i fired it up last night WITHOUT the water on and i didnt seem to be doing ill just troubleshoot when i get to the water...

    noone but will me will be allowed to touch this ski...

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