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    polaris 3 cylinder stator

    I have a new polaris 3 cylinder stator part number on it 4010403 is this the new updated stator and will it work on 01 polaris virage 1200? thanks! I might be able to get more of these at 150.00 each If anyone wants 1 I can also get 4010402 stators for 2 cylinders polaris watercraft. 651-231-3032 Roger Thanks!

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    The 4010403 stator is part of the update kit for 1996-1998 three cylinder red domestic engines.

    I think the only important differences are the grommet where the cable exits the flywheel housing, and the connector where the cable enters the electrical box. If I recall correctly, the older engines use a different grommet, and no connector.

    I think the 4010403 stator can be used in your 2001 Virage 1200 engine, but you will have to do some work to retrofit it into the newer engine.

    The 4010402 stator is the update stator for all 1996-1999 two cylinder engines. Again, I think the only difference with the later year stators is the grommet and the cable connector.

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    What exactly would have to be modified? thanks!

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