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    WaveRaider 1100 Fouling plugs and how do I convert to premix??

    Yes-I am new on here and before anyone flames me I did search for these questions before posting this! I did not see any definitive answers so here are my problems:
    1) My '96 WaveRaider 1100 is pretty much stock and has run perfectly for the past year. I was running low on oil and stopped into one of the local marine stores and they were out of Yamalube (which I have always used) so I bought a conventional premix oil (I use the stock oil injection at this time.) The ski would not run at all with this new oil-it fouled the plugs instantly and even with a new set (BR8HS) I could not get it to stop fouling. Would switching to this other oil cause this all of a sudden? Everything else is fine-including the carbs (as far as I can tell.)
    2) With the assumption the new oil is crap and switching back to Yamalube will cure the fouling, how do I convert to premix?? I know the ratios etc. but do I just block of the oil line to the side of the block and remove the oil tank?? Will removing that line cause any other problems??
    Sorry for the long questions but it's driving me nuts!! Thanks.

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    Ok, I figured out the premix thing-remove the lines and the pump and cap it off but does anyone think that conventional 2-stroke oil would cause the fouling after switching from Yamalube?

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    Here is some info on converting to premix (seel link withing the link).
    I'm thinking of doing the same myself for both my skis (yamaha and polaris), once I get a good understanding of what I need to do. My background experience is with 2 stroke racing motorcycles (premix), so I would love to hear about the plug fouling with different oils from experience ski owners, but with motorcycles I have never noticed any difference with different oils.

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    Thanks for that link-that's exactly where I found the procedure!
    Regarding the oils, I also have a motorcycle background so that is what is throwing me off. I have used different oils in my dirtbikes in a pinch (mostly running synthetics) and this never happened.
    At first I thought I used crankcase motor oil but after I read the container 20 times I am sure it was actual 2-stroke oil since it had a mix ratio chart.

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    I know this is an old post and I may be insiteing a riot here but,, i am sitting at home waiting for the sun to come up so i can take my ghetto ski out. (bought it from a dude that had it sitting in his yard for 2 years after hitting a dock, major fiberglass damage and he broke the bottom starter bolt/250$for the ski and trailer) I am against pre-mix. I bet none of the pre-mix folks will ever admit they contineuasly turned their motor over trying to start it with a fuel delivery problem and smoked the rings. Doesnt happen with the mikuni oil pump still there. I think its ok if you know what you are doing but for newbies to 2 stroke, not a good idea. I read the mikunis almost never fail, its usually your hose falls off. I double clamped mine and have been running strong with my ghetto ski for the 2 years i have had it. 155lbs compression both heads (not sure how that happened, thought stock was 150)

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