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    Im new to the 1300R club based off what you see what would you change to get some more speed out of this ski, the previous owner has it set up for the rough he said. I would like to see it hit 70mph, right now with Maryland's weather 95-100 heat and 100% humidity its running 62mph, im sure it has another 1-2mph in it, I tested it on semi rough water. If your just going to say search the forum, dont bother, I wont know where to start and I understand this has been posted a 1000 times but everyone is here for help and advice. I helped fellow riders out when they were new to the Ultra 250's. Please shoot me some advice....

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    A 1300 with aftermarket heads should be more than enough power to get you well past 70mph.

    What it is all about at this point is how your boat is set up. There are many people that can tell you to add this component and that to get you to the speed you want, but if each component is not set up properly, you might not get the expected results you desire.

    1. Semi rough water is a relative thing. For me, semi rough is 2 1/2 to 3 feet chop, for others it may be 1 foot. It is going to be hard for any of us to give you the right combination for the water you ride in and your riding style. For the sake of this discussion we are talking smooth water.
    2. Since you have enough power to achieve your 70mph goal, then ignore the hp thing and focus on hull components. Each component (shoe, intake grate, ride plate, impeller (and for the real hard core purest riders even the transom plate) must be aligned and sealed properly. You should do research on each one of these. If each of these are installed right, then your boat will not help but to go faster.

    As it stands right now, some of the components that you have installed on your boat are good for rough water, but not so good for smooth. Water Woody pointed out two of the obvious ones on your set up.

    The GPR has its own set of demons that have worked to reduce the boats potential. Fortunately for you, most of the demons have been discovered and documented. If you read up on the hull components and make the proper adjustments, then by the time you understand how these components work to make the boat run better under ANY conditions you will know exactly what else to do to get your boat to its max potential in your favorite riding hole.

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