I was right I knew it after going back over the areas the troubleshooting book lists i.e. connector pins to ECU computer and other areas I was able to think of a new test. I ran power from the fuel pump connector and then checked the connector wiring harness pins I got NO POWER. This meant to me that one of the ECU output pins was damaged. Sure enough I was right that is the problem. I had to get a magnifier and a mirror to see the burnt plastic near the pin. I ended up scraping away the burnt plastic and fixed the problem the ski works fine. However I don't trust my half ass job of fixing it the CORRECT way is to get a new wiring harness connect (B) and re wire. Does anyone on here know where I can get one of those and how you go about sticking the wire in one of these small connector pins please advise me? Also I would still like to know what the heck caused the 1 ecu output pin to melt/go bad in the 1st place. My only guess is that whatever caused it to get hot and melt is probably the same problem/related to the code p1517. I say this because I never had this problem before and now after getting that code p1517 and it trying to find the compass all of a sudden the output pin fails I don't think that is a coincidence here. I think they are related one caused/contributed to the other. Please let me know any ideas you guys have on what caused this and how I can learn to fix this (i.e. put the wire in the output pin the way it was from the factory)? Thanks for you help in advance Dave