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    Wink can anyone suggest a impeller/ pitch for the riva stage 2 on an fxsho?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum...just wish I found it sooner. I'm sick of getting run down by the local beerguts, so I ordered a Riva stage 1&2 for my FX SHO to help w/ my ego. Riva can't provide a prop pitch & suggested I search this forum. Is this going to be harder than I thought?

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    Riva makes the kit so I am assuming they did all the testing on it and should know what prop works. Why they decided not to share that info yet with the rest of us is beyond me. If only I had a nickle for how many times this question has been asked since that kit was released. I would have enough to get a value meal at McDonalds.

    My advise is to give Riva a call tomorrow. They are extremely helpful and will answer you question. Once you find out please share with the rest of us as I am guess this is a question many have. If you have already called them then my apologies, and no I do not know what prop will work with it. lol

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