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    FZR R&D Grate question

    So I just picked up an FZR, and saw all the threads about the bucking. I immediately ordered the R&D grate.

    I see RIVA offers a pump stuff kit, but it only works with their grate, so thats out. Do I need to do anything besides the grate to the pump, and if so, what?

    Is the R&D grate better than the RIVA?

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    They both do the job. I thought R&D has a pump seal kit too. The benefit of the RIVA grate is that it is stainless steel. So breaking it probably will never happen.

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    R&D has it's own pump seal kit, Riva had to give me the R&D grate because the SS riva grate is, I think he told me a couple of months out. The first 10 came and went

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    Is the pump seal worth doing?

    Is there any speed to be gained with the grate, or just better hookup and reduced cavitation?

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    The pump seal will reduce your cavitation
    As for the grate, in addition to your safety (avoiding bucking), it really improves your hook up in chop, really!!
    So if you go against a fzr with the stock grate and you have the r&d grate, as you'll have better hook up, you 'll keep most of your top speed compared to the stock one

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