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    Red face 98 Yamaha GP800 fuel pulse line?

    I did watch the video about starting a new thread...very nice! I did use the search option like I always do, but I'm not finding what I need to know. I'm pretty adhd, so if I missed something obvious and find it later, I'll repost it here.

    First I'll tell you my oops. I filled up my 800 with 92-octane, added oil, started it for a few seconds at the gas station and headed to the lake. I had it in the water on the trailer for 15-20 seconds without the water plugs in the hull before realizing it. It took on a couple inches of water. I drained the water, put in the plugs and put it back in the water. It's been a few weeks and it hasn't fired since without manually squirting fuel in the carbs.

    I took the petcock out of the tank, checked all of the fuel lines and fuel is getting to the carbs but not into them. It runs fine on mixed fuel sprayed into the carbs, so with fuel flow it will be fine. There is no water in the crankcase. I believe it's the pulse line that pumps fuel. I don't see how taking on water caused this problem. It's not electrical.

    I found a post on another site that said there's a line going from the carbs to the crankcase, but I can't find it, and my searches have turned up no relevent pictures.

    Any ideas what may have happened?

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    are you running stock F/A that crap will hide everything you need to see the lines will be right next to the carbs out of the case...May want to check the carb filters while it`s opened up.

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    Thanks ltd. The GP800 is all stock. I found the pulse lines. Wasn't clear on what they were. I put the exhaust back on, all the fuel lines, put the fuel pickup back in the tank, etc, etc. As it sits now, it needs fuel sprayed in the intake before it can start. After doing that once, it will start by itself the rest of the day.

    When I bought it, the previous owner had the same trouble starting it, so at least it's back to how it was.

    I don't know enough yet to diagnose the problem, but I got a good weekend of fun out of it, so I'm satisfied for now. It wasn't treated well before I bought it, so I'll probably just buy a newer ski to avoid all the issues with this one.

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