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    1996 gsx nightmare

    hey guys, i finally put a new engine (so i was told) in my ski, after finding out the coil was bad, the battery was bad and the spark plugs were bad we had it running in the driveway, and it sounded mintfor almost an hour. I decided to take it over to the ramp for a test drive. it started right up again sounded beautiful i was so happy! until the engine died. I looked in the engine well and it was filling with water. it would start up every 5 -10 minutes so i could drive it back to the ramp... anybody have any suggestions as to what it could be? its a 787 engine...

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    you did not properly align the motor would be my first guess....where is the water coming in at? Driveshaft area? if yes its you carbon ring that is toast. align the engine and get a new carbon ring

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    ahh i appreciate it thank you, i will try that and let you know

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