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    Can Top + Bottom = Whole?

    The skis:
    99 XL 1200 Limited
    02 GP1200R

    The former owner of the XLL put a top end in it, without checking the bottom end. 10 hours after the top end work, bearing went on the #2 cylinder. Tear down confirms this.

    GPR has a bad rear piston and cylinder.

    Can I put the good top end on the good bottom end? (After a case splitting, cleaning and inspection.)

    If so, do I need new rings for re-installation?

    I know that this is not the "best" repair. If it allows me to get on the water for little to no $$ invested, I would like to.


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    I believe you can because the motors are the same. The 99 should have the powervalve 1200 engine just like the 02 GPR. If you are wanting to ride the GPR, you can just put a cylinder and piston from the XL on the GPR motor and go. I have never put a cylinder on a GPR engine with the engine in the hull, but i'm sure it can be done. Use zip ties to hold the piston rings in tight and when you slide the cylinder down, it'll push them outta the way and you can cut them off. Easiest way to put cylinders on that I've found.

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