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    RXP-X Air Intake Options

    I am planning a couple of simple mods to my wife's 2010 RXP-X. An intake grate (either a Aquavein or Worx) and a lower restriction air intake. My question is what air intake system do you think is best? What kind of performance gains can I expect with these 2 mods?
    thanks for your advice,
    Robert V

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    a rear air intake is gonna be the best, but where do you ride? if you ride a lot of chop you will what to get a 4in intake upfront, keep it high and dry.

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    u should get the fizzle 4' kanaflex intake offered in the online store

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    I have the Fizzle kit purchased from the online store. Its a good kit but I feel that you can make your own for half the price. Only issues that I has with the Fizzle kit was that there was no hardware for the rectifier. Also, I had to drill a hole for the second bolt on the rectifier. Im guessing over the years they changed the rectifiers mounting position.

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