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    2002 900STS...Needs Work. Good Deal?

    I would like to do the work myself. Any idea on how much parts would cost, and if it would need anything extra? Also, any idea on how hard of a job it would be?

    I'd definitely like to get him down closer to $1000.

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    Bad engine=total replacement=$1000+doing it yourself. So if you could get them down to a $ may be worth it. This is(with the exception of different colors) the exact same jetski as a 1999-2000 900STX. These were a continuation of this old STX model line but under the new model name 900STS. These were sold from 2001 to 2002. Along side of the upgraded (only slightly) Hulls of the 2001 & on 900STXs These continued on while the STS 900 was dropped in 2002. Bottom line...very popular PWCs Wrenching them is not bad at all...Yes it's a DIY friendly job

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