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    Problem With my RXP

    i have a 2007 rxp and the battery light has been goin on for a while but on sunday after riding all day long it turn off on me and dint wanna start and it sounded like the battery was dead but when the battery goes dead does it shut off on u when riding ???????????????????????

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    Could be your voltage regulator or a problem with you're charging system

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    yeah man but this is a old battery the one that came from the dealer it been on the jetski 4 year i think is the battery thats bad cuz i try to start it and it wont even turn the motor and it been turning on the low battery for a while

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    As long as the charge holds above I think its 8volts, the electronics will run, and the mag will keep this topped up as the motor runs. A bit like the average motor vehicle.
    Just there is small chance of it starting again if the battery cannot deliver the current to start the ski again if you come off it, or have to stop.

    However, from experience, the ski will start to mis-fire, and stumble.

    Better change it before you have to push the ski home..!!!

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