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    throttle not coming back to 0

    hello all ..

    ran into a problem today where the ski would not stay running. I first noticed a loss of power. like it was being bogged down.. then would not turn over at all. sounded like the impeller was stuck .. lucky I was close to the dock and was towed in. got it home to flush it out and the throttle when pulled in will not return to normal. I checked the cable and the disk its attached to will not easily move. any ideas? I did notice I forgot to put the drain plugs in and I wonder how much water got in the back..real rookie move

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    Whats the compression on the cylinders?

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    What year ski? The 1300r 03 and up have a recall on the throttle cable!

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    its a 2000 gp1200r

    I spayed wd40 on the disk that the throttle cable is connected to and it seems to come back ok now.. I wonder if water got into the hull would it cause that binding ? and would it cause the impeller to seem tied up?

    I have not checked the compression yet . It was a new rebuild from one of the forum members here. I've put about 8 hours on since the rebuild.

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