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    Newbie here needs help

    I recently bought 2 jets skis, both polaris. One is an 2002 and runs well, hesitates a bit at half throtle but i can still ride. The other one is a 1996 750 and that has not worked since i got it. The seller didn't seem to know much about technical stuff and said is was running before. Anyways i got a good deal for the pair including the trailer so i didnt mind that it was not running cause a bit handy with tools.
    I've determined that it is not getting fuel, I can get it running as long as i spray starting fluid in the carbs. It does have the mikuni 3 outlet fuel pump that i removed and cleaned out. I was thinking of buying a new fuel pump but i would like to hear opinions as it may be something I just missed. I have noticed 2 hoses that i can not determine where they should attach.
    first one is a small clear hose that runs from under the drive shaft to the front of the Ski.

    second is at the back of the ski and it's coming from the area where the bilge pump is at

    Another thing that seem kinda of odd was that the fuel return nipple that comes from the carbutor seems to be plugged solid. How can it pressurize the fuel tank if it's plugged?

    before I remove the carburators to clean them and before i buy a new fuel pump I would like to know where those hoses go.
    thanks in advace for you help.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    First off, they didn't have a 1996 750.

    It's either a 95 SL/SLT750 (which it doesn't appear to be)

    Or a 1996 SL/SLX/SLT 780

    The clear hose under the D/S is for the speedometer. It goes to the MFD

    Second semi-clear hose is the siphon hose to remove water via the jet pump.

    Replace all the fuel lines due to age.

    Also looks like someone added a primer instead of the factory choke.

    And I'm pretty sure you have the SLT 780, so that has the High Output fuel pump. You can get a rebuild kit for it around $15. That's the route I would go.

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    you are correct it is a
    1996 SLT 780.

    Thank for sharing your knowledge. So the hose the shipons water, should be connected where? Also about the fuel return line, should i be concerned that the metal nipple from the carb appears not to have a hole?
    Again thank you, it cries when i put her younger sis in the water and she stays in the trailer

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    The siphon hose should connect to a fitting near the battery. It connects to the jet pump venturi where it "sees" negative pressure and uses that to evacuate water from inside the hull. The other end should have a screen on it and zip tied down to the bottom back part of the hull to catch any water that's accumulated inside. (it only siphons water when the ski is under way)

    The carb fitting DOES have a TINY hole. About .018" That hole restricts the fuel going back to the tank and creates fuel pressure for the carbs. DO NOT open it up any!!!!!!!! Just make sure it is clear by blowing air through it.

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    Again, thanks for your advice. I've ordered the fuel pump rebuild kit and will change my hoses. I'll keep u posted

    Thank yiu

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamoz View Post
    ...One is an 2002 and runs well, hesitates a bit at half throtle but i can still ride...
    Even though it runs, you still need to do some work on that 2002.

    I suggest rebuilding the carbutetor and reviewing the entire fuel system. Make sure everything is clean and in good condition, including inside the fuel tank.

    More info in the links below

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    Ok this was my fuel pump.

    I cleaned it and rebuilt with $10 kit from ebay. Replace my fuel hoses and She's Alive!!!
    Thanks for your help guys. I notice the fuel seemed a little dirty as seen in the fuel seperator and I'll be adding a fuel filter, but should i consider dumping all the fuel? If i drain it all, was the best way to dispose it?

    Again thanks for the advice.

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