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    new engine break-in plug fouling

    Is this normal? :
    I just had put a new engine in my Ultra 150.
    It was purchased from SBT. They suggest low revs and a bit of 2 stroke oil directly to the tank for the 1st tank full. So, I followed their advice, to the letter. The ski ran fine for the 1st 1/2 tank and then it would only run at very low revs. I checked the plugs and they were totally fouled. Is this just a normal break-in circumstance due to the running at low revs and the added oil? Should I just replace the plugs and press on with the break-in?

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    Yes it is normal to fould plugs with the premix and the oil injection at the same time. change them and press on.

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    I will agree, yes this is normal and it is always better to run richer during break in. After break in though depending on how fast or bad you are fouling plugs it could also be a sign your carbs will need to be tuned.

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    Many thanks guys.
    I'm gonna try to finish my break-in tomorrow.

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    Low revs on break in are not good. slow fast slow fast slow fast is arguably better. Hot then cold, hot then cold. sets the rings

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