dudes i just ordered a 4010302(LR31)(shipped overnight) but they(jetskiparts.com) sent 4060115(LR23). I tried it out anyway and still not enough voltage when cranked even with the booster pack. There is a constant 12volts to the yellow wire even without cranking it. the purp/red has 12volts full time and the orange has 12volts while cranking only. Is the yellow wire supposed to have 12volts constantly? My voltage while cranking the engine drops way down to like 8-9volts. I just put in a new CDI and it worked fine for a day. I has a new battery. CDI and Stator have been updated.

The jetskiparts.com is sending me out the correct part this time for additional money for overnight shipping again!.... what the hell can anyone help me? plz

my entire saga: http://www.greenhulk.net/forums/show...51#post1496751