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    Removal of drive shaft guard

    I would like to remove the cover/guard that protects the drive shaft. Hose clamp is off but my knuckles are getting barked. Any suggestions on how to make this easy.


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    I had the same problem. It snaps snugly around the front side of the through-hull bearing. I suppose you could try to get it off with a screw driver but there is no guarantee that you will not damage it that way.

    I removed the drive shaft and then loosened the sleeve from the hull and pulled the sleeve forward and upward. There was just enough clearance to get the entire assembly out together. Once I had the whole thing out I separated the sleeve and cover from the through-hull bearing. I don't see any other way to get it out of there without risking damaging it.

    Maybe one of the other guys here will have a tip for you on getting it off without removing the shaft. I had to pull my drive shaft out anyway so it didn't bother me to have to do it the way I did it.

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