i have a 2002 1200 genesis no spark i read all your ans. about this . did all test ,the test for the stator hall sw. when doing that test i found what i thought was the problem it was the test with the 9v batt. right from the book, i had 110.0 ohms on everyone all other test were ok .now i started pulling apart the unit to r&r the stator hall unit & then i read a post that said Per the attached diagram, the Hall Effect sensor can be tested by powering it with a 9 volt battery, and rotating the engine slowly to observe the resistance change as each flywheel trigger magnet passes the sensor.
Note that the 9 volt battery negative must be connected to the stator Black wire, not gray.

Since the Hall Effect sensor is internally grounded to the stator Black wire, the resistance measured to ground for the Brown wire will vary, depending on the ohm-meter being used. The Brown wire should not be shorted to ground.i did as the book said i hope im not replacing a good unit. thanx greg buffalo ny