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    starter solenoid for a 99 ultra vs one for an 02 ultra

    ok im having some issues with my ski. a friend and i just rebuilt my 99 ultra motor including all new jugs and pistons. the first day i had it out foing through the break in period it was doing fine felt strong and had no issues except the warning light was flashing and the battery indicator was showing on the screen. i took it out the next day and again everything was fine all day until i ran it out of gas. i put gas back in it and it wouldnt start after a few cranks and the battery went dead, at least so i thought. i switched batteries and there was just a clicking sound. i put a brand new starter on it, checked all the connections including the grounds, and switched out the ecu under the hood with another buddies ski (2000) which is running, and switched the whole box behind the battery where the solenoid is located with one out of an 02. so, could this still be the problem are the 99 and 02 solenoids interchangable? it ran great but now it just wont turn over. any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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    The rear electrical cases are interchangeable.

    Now for the not turnning over that is sounding like a tougher issue. Will it turn over with the plugs out? I know you put a new starter in but mabe it was bad? Chec the voltage on the starter lead during cranking, it should stay above 11 volts. Try turning the coupling by hand with the plugs out, it should turn freely in one direction but have resistence in the other. That should give you a few things to check to narrow it down.

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    i had already tried turning it by hand and it will and i tried the friend that has the 00 models starter and the same thing.

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