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    New Ski Owner - 1994 GSX 650 - No spark

    Hi All

    I bought this 1994 Sea Doo GTX 650 ski from the original owner. There was no spark. We found that the stator had crashed into the flywheel destroying both. I found a replacement 1995 SP 587 flywheel and stator and installed it inot the 650 GTX. The ski had an alarm system in it that the original owner said was disconected 10 years ago.

    So with the 95 587 Stator/Magneto and flywheel installed in the 650 GTX, it starts and runs for a minute or two and blows the 5 amp fuse in the CDI/EPEM/Brain and likely the whole unit as well. Still blows the 5 amp fuse when the rectifier is unplugged.

    I cannot find technical detail ablut the electrical output of the 95 stator to see if it is the same as the 94 stator.

    Does anyone know where i can find the electrical detail about the 95 stator in the 587 motor? Or, does anyone know if there is compatibility between 94 and 95 stators?

    Any advise greatly appreciated
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