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Thread: Oil mix

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    Oil mix

    Hello folks, I'm fairly new to the forum. Only been riding about 3 months. Started out with a yamaha GP 760 but yesterday I bought a 95 seadoo XP. I've enjoyed reading the forums here and feel that there is a very large knowledge base here. so to my question. On this XP the person I bought it from had the oil injection blocked off. He told me that he mixes the gas and oil at 40:1. Well looking at the black oily sludge coming out of the exhaust and the black streak on the ground from starting it on the trailer this seems a bit heavy on the oil. What is the concencise on here? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    40:1 should be fine. What oil was the previous owner using. Check the plug also and see how black they are and if you need new ones.

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    40:1 is correct.......16oz oil to 5 gallons gas

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    Thanks for the replies folks.I'll continue to mix the way it has been. As far as the type of oil he was using I have no idea. I've been using pennsoil in my wave runner so that's what I'll mix up for this one. I figure only a few more days of riding here in carolina unless I get a wetsuit so the peesoil should do for now. I'll probably sell the XP since I got it in a package deal with a 2002 RX.

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