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    polaris jet pump

    Hi I have a 97 slt700 and my Extension pump is cracked and the metal ring inside is very worn. i found a 96 slx 780, the whole propelsion assy, does anyone know if this would work on my machine? i check the diagram on a polaris parts site and the 96 has water lines that mine doesnt but figure i just dont connect them, and the HOUSING,PUMP W/RING,INT is different part numbers. are these pumps interchangeable?

    thank you

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    Basically all the 148mm modular jet pumps are mechanically interchangeable.

    There are differences in the number of bilge siphon fittings (none, one, or two). Unless you are changing the pump base (which is sealed to the hull), you should not have any problems. If you can re-use your pump exit nozzle, then the bilge siphon fittings should match up.

    The impeller pitch must match your engine power. If your impeller is still in good condition, use it in the replacement pump. Make sure the blade to wear ring clearance is under .020 inches.

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