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    99 SLTH - Top End Runs great, bogs down at low RPM

    Hello All,

    A few weeks ago I damaged the hull (was rubbing on a stone and put a small hole). The ski was "on shore" so it didn't sink but it did fill up with 4 inchs of water. I patched the hole and the ski worked fine.

    This past weekend I have noticed that the ski has a tendency to be difficult to start, well not start but keep running. I almost have the keep feathering the throttle to get the RPMs up. From 2500+RPM it runs like a top and sounds great. Top speed and acceleration are both there. Below that if I try and apply throttle it will bog down and stall. It will also not maintain idle. It will idle at 1200 rpm and then continue to decline to around 800, and then stall or stall at the first hint of throttle.

    I checked the compression and it looks great (135psi in both cylinders). The engine sounds strong and no knocking while running. The idle is pretty rough. I am thinking I may have got moisture in the carbs or the condensation caused buildup? Any other thoughts? I don't think it is any of the needles since the Ski ran great just a few days prior. The plugs look ok as well.



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    Guess we should combine threads look at mine right above you, same problem

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    Either you need to readjust the idle screw on the carbs or you are running lean on bottom end for some reason...may need to inspect the inside of the carbs.

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