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    94 750SL problems

    Ok so I Bought 2 94 SL750's about a month ago, one I knew would need work because it didnít start and last year It lost power toward the end of the summer. So I bought them replaced the CDI in the bad one and they both were running.
    Iíll start with the one that runs good, its within 10% on all three cylinders (I think it was around 100 psi on all) , we took the carbs off cleaned the front side set the thing the diaphragm sits on so it was straight, checked pop off pressure (around 15) replaced the grey line on the carbs took out the autocock valve it has a dual output fuel filter I left it on there as this wasnít going to be my primary ski, Set the carbs at factory settings put high grade gas in it. It starts right up idles fine and will run all day no, the problems are, anything other and a slight throttle increase under 3k rpm and it falls on its face and Dies, and it wonít do but about 40 and feels significantly slower than the other one. we checked and the silicone ring on the impeller housing is good it doesnít cavatate, the impellor looks a lil beat up and so does the wear ring, not too bad just well it looks like its 16 years old and has 100 hours on it. So what am I missing that is causing it to bog down on the low end and not hit full speed.

    Now the other Has like 120 psi in the front cylinder 80 in the middle and 110 on the back, its harder to start wont idle and is a little bit less hesitant on the low end but not much, It also got a rebuild kit, new plugs , 3 outlet fuel pump new lines autocock delete, and factory settings on the carbs, only this ski runs like a bat out of hell on the top end, it will hit over 50 on smooth water. Now I know it needs to be rebuild but it seams to me that if its got the power on the top end it should run as good on the low end.
    Now they both run we took them both out for the first time Saturday played all day had a blast I just need some suggestions to get me thought this last part of the summer, before they both get new top ends and all the work I have in store for them.
    PS the fuel level dosent show on the display, there is nothing there and it doesnít give me a low fuel warning like I have read that they do when they go out.

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    Yes it's a lot to read please help

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    Ski 1 sounds like fuel delivery. What do the pistons/plugs look like? clean the carbs both sides and all passages. make sure you have a restrictor in the return line, spend the $30 and get a triple fuel pump and replumb

    Ski 2 need a rebuild. can have that much variance in the compressions. Get a gasket kit and new rings, pull it apart, hone the cylinders if they are in good condition and rebuild

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    Ya took the slow one out today fuel problem was made evident by choking it on the low end and it doesn't bog so time for the 3 outlet new lines and a carb cleaning

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