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    what padding to put under waterbox

    whats a good padding to put under my waterbox that wont melt and is safe to use its hitting the hull alittle

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    There should be 3 pieces of Hydroturf under the waterbox: F1S-U8221-00-00 PAD, BATTERY
    It says battery pad because they use the same sized piece in the battery tray. HT actually stands up real well to heat. I accidentally left a piece of the old mats I had just removed from my GPR on top of my BBQ grill & didn't notice it there when I heated up the grill later. It didn't burn or melt, just shrunk to about 1/4 of it's original size. It looked like it had come off a miniature ski. It's handy stuff too. I bought a whole bunch of those pads & am always finding uses for it. Also, the part # above will have adhesive backing on it so no need to fool with glue.

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    There should be a 1" thick roughly 6"x 6" foam piece on the transom hump in the ski. I believe it was there to isiolate the stock exhaust baffles from banging against the transom. After the FF exhaust install, it becomes useless. I yanked that piece off and wedged it between the waterbox and the hull.

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